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  • Agarwal, Anshika; Gosain, Devashish; Acharya, HB; Chakravarty, Sambuddho (2016-09-23)
    Censorship of the Internet by government is a hotly contested topic. Some nations lean more toward free speech; others are much more conservative. How feasible is it for a government to censor the Internet? What mechanisms ...
  • Gosain, Devashish; Agarwal, Anshika; Acharya, HB; Chakravarty, Sambuddho (2016-09-23)
    Decoy Routing, the use of routers (rather than end hosts) as proxies, is a new direction in anti-censorship research. However, existing proposals require control of hundreds of Autonomous Systems (AS) to provide Decoy ...
  • Sharma, Piyush Kumar; Chaudhary, Shashwat; Hassija, Nikhil; Maity, Mukulika; Chakravarty, Sambuddho (IIIT-Delhi, 2019)
    Anonymous VoIP calls over the Internet holds great significance for privacy-conscious users, whistle-blowers and political activists alike. Prior research deems popular anonymization systems like Tor unsuitable for providing ...
  • Chakravarty, Sambuddho; Naik, Vinayak; Acharya, HB; Tanwar, Chaitanya Singh (2015-01-23)
    Network censorship and surveillance generally involves ISPs working under the orders of repressive regimes, monitoring (and sometimes filtering) users’ traffic, often using powerful networking devices, e.g. routers ...

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