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  • Ghosh, Mohona; Sanadhya, Somitra Kumar (Advisor); Chang, Donghoon (Advisor) (2016-04-18)
    Cryptographic protocols have been a cornerstone of secure communications among armed forces and diplomatic missions since time immemorial. With easy availability and low cost of computing facilities and Internet, the domain ...
  • Chang, Donghoon; Ghosh, Mohona; Sanadhya, Somitra Kumar (2013-05-31)
    Biclique cryptanalysis was proposed by Bogdanov et al. in Asiacrypt 2011 as a new tool for cryptanalysis of block ciphers. A major hurdle in carrying out biclique cryptanalysis is that it has a very high query complexity ...
  • Chang, Donghoon; Ghosh, Mohona; Sanadhya, Somitra Kumar (2015-03-23)
    In this work, we revisit the security analysis of AES-128 instantiated hash modes. We use biclique cryptanalysis technique as our basis for the attack. The traditional biclique approach used for key recovery in AES (and ...
  • Panjwani, Saurabh; Ghosh, Mohona; Kumaraguru, Ponnurangam; Singh, Soumya Vardhan (2012-07-25)
    Mobile-based branchless banking has become a key mech- anism for enabling financial inclusion in the developing re- gions of the world. A fundamental requirement of all branch- less banking systems is a mechanism to ...

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