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  • Kesar, Devishi; Kaul, Sanjit (Advisor); Mukulika Maity, Mukulika (Advisor) (IIITD-Delhi, 2018-11-26)
    With the increase in demand for enterprise wi- , there is a growing need to understand the functioning of these networks. Large scale Wi-Fi deployment is a challenging task. There is a need to diagnose network related ...
  • Singhal, Shitij; Kaul, Sanjit (Advisor) (2017-04-18)
    An autonomous vehicle is a vehicle which has the capabilities to move from one location to another with the help of inputs from various sensors connected to a computer which are used to plan the path for the vehicle, without ...
  • Mittal, Vandana; Kaul, Sanjit (Advisor) (2015-09-28)
    The adoption of smartphones, their ability to configure as mobile hotspots (WiFi access points), together with access to cellular networks, creates novel possibilities of heterogeneous network access for users. Specifically, ...
  • Deka, Namrata; Kaul, Sanjit (Advisor); Anand, Saket (Advisor) (2017-04-18)
    This report outlines my work in continuation to last semester on understanding human behavior when it comes to driving on Indian streets. Since traffic in India is not governed by lane-markings, zebra crossings and proper ...
  • Jaisinghani, Dheryta; Naik, Vinayak (Advisor); Kaul, Sanjit (Advisor) (IIIT-Delhi, 2019-04)
    A WiFi client needs to discover access points (APs) in its vicinity before it can establish a WiFi connection and initiate a data transfer. Discovery is also essential for a client to stay connected to an AP deemed best ...

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