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  • Bansal, Tarun Kumar; Chang, Donghoon (Advisor); Pieprzyk, Josef (Advisor); Sanadhya, Somitra Kumar (Advisor); Boyen, Xavier (Advisor) (IIIT-Delhi, 2017-10)
    RSA-OAEP is being used in PKCS #1 2.0 standard for a long time. OAEP (optimal asymmetric encryption padding) provides security strength to RSA and other deterministic one-way asymmetric primitives (trapdoor one-way ...
  • Biswas, Sandipan; Sanadhya, Somitra Kumar (Advisor) (2014-05-02)
    The Transport Layer Protocol (TLS) ensures con dentiality and integrity of tra c between communicating parties over internet. Almost all web applications commonly use TLS. A block cipher (such as AES, Camellia etc.) is ...

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