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  • Dhar, Aritra; Purandare, Rahul (Advisor) (2014-12-12)
    Programs are susceptible to malformed data coming from untrusted sources. Occasionally the programming logic or constructs used are inappropriate to handle all types of constraints that are imposed by legal and well-formed ...
  • Vinayakarao, Venkatesh; Purandare, Rahul (Advisor) (IIIT-Delhi, 2018-04)
    Code variants represent alternative implementations of a code snippet, where each alternative provides the same functionality, but has different properties that make some of them better suited to the overall project ...
  • Khilariwal, Vishisht; Purandare, Rahul (Advisor) (2017-07-05)
    Memory or RAM of a device contains a lot of data.This work focuses on how to ensure security of our critical data like our passwords or encryption keys stored in the memory which if become public can pose a big security ...
  • Anwer, Samit; Purandare, Rahul (Advisor) (2014-12-12)
    Every Android application runs in its own virtual machine, with its own Linux user account and corresponding permissions. Although this ensures that permissions are given as per each application’s requirements, each ...
  • Kochanthara, Sangeeth; Purandare, Rahul (Advisor) (2016-11-01)
    Real-time systems are becoming more complex and open, thus increasing their development and verification costs. Although several static verification tools have been proposed over the last decades, they suffer from scalability ...
  • Aggarwal, Aniya; Purandare, Rahul (Advisor) (2014-12-12)
    Each Android application (app) runs in its own virtual machine (VM), with every VM allocated a limited heap size for creating new objects. The heap size is scarce and device dependent. The more heap space an app uses, ...

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