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Side channel collision attack on TWINE-80 and DES with reduced masked rounds

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dc.contributor.author Gupta, Neha
dc.contributor.author Chang, Donghoon (Advisor)
dc.contributor.author Sanadhya, Somitra Kumar (Advisor)
dc.contributor.author Mukhopadhyay, Sourav (Advisor)
dc.date.accessioned 2015-12-02T12:33:31Z
dc.date.available 2015-12-02T12:33:31Z
dc.date.issued 2015-12-02T12:33:31Z
dc.identifier.uri https://repository.iiitd.edu.in/jspui/handle/123456789/343
dc.description.abstract In this work, we present the rst side channel collision based key recovery attack on TWINE block cipher with 80-bit secret key and also present the improved version of the work done by Jongsung et al. in on DES.We focus on TWINE-80 security when the rst 7, 8 and 9-rounds of the cipher are masked. Our 7-masked round attack requires the lowest measurements (222:58) and can recover 12-bits of the secret key. In our 8-masked round attack, we can nd 24-bits of the secret key with 232:58 measurements whereas in our 9-masked round attack, we are able to nd 40-bits of the secret key information with 246:17 measurements. The fact that encryption and decryption functions of TWINE-80 are similar can be utilized to launch the above attacks when the last 7, 8 and 9 rounds of the cipher are masked. Thus, we show that at least 20 rounds of TWINE-80 need to be masked to ensure security against side channel leakage. The differential characteristics constructed to demonstrate our attacks are new and hitherto not been reported before for TWINE-80. In our work on DES, we improved the 7-round masked attack in using one more characteristic mentioned in and we recover full round 48-bit subkey of the rst round. The data complexity of our attack is 236:99. The time complexity is 236:99 measurements and 235:99 curve comparisons. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.subject TWINE en_US
dc.subject DES en_US
dc.subject Hamming weight en_US
dc.subject Collision attack en_US
dc.subject Masking en_US
dc.subject Differential characteristic en_US
dc.subject Side channel cryptanalysis en_US
dc.title Side channel collision attack on TWINE-80 and DES with reduced masked rounds en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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