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  • Bhattacharjee, Protim; Majumdar, Angshul (Advisor) (2016-09-13)
    Data classification is the core of leading technologies today. With the explosion of data through mobility and growth of the Internet, analysis and classification of data is the immediate process after acquisition. Most ...
  • Khurana, Prerna; Majumdar, Angshul (Advisor) (2016-09-13)
    In this work we propose a classification framework called class-wise deep dictionary learning (CWDDL). For each class, multiple levels of dictionaries are learnt using features from the previous level as inputs (for first ...
  • Tariyal, Snigdha; Majumdar, Angshul (Advisor) (2016-09-13)
    This Thesis focuses on combining the two well researched concepts of representation learning – Dictionary Learning and Deep Learning. These two learning paradigms have been known for long. Ever since, plethora of papers ...
  • Gupta, Kavya; Majumdar, Angshul (Advisor) (2016-11-09)
    Autoencoders are Neural Networks trained in order to map input to its output. Autoencoders are designed to enable the network to copy input to output as close as possible. Following this, the network will be able to learn ...
  • Mehta, Janki; Majumdar, Angshul (Advisor) (2016-09-13)
    An autoencoder is an artificial neural network used for learning efficient codings. The aim of an autoencoder is to learn a representation of data, which can then be used for better classification or any such application. ...

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