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  • Khare, Alind; Goyal, Vikram (Advisor) (IIIT-Delhi, 2017-07-05)
    The goal of graph mining is to extract interesting sub graphs from a single large graph (e.g., a social network), or from a database of many graphs.This thesis has modified the FSM-H algorithm (algorithm for frequent sub ...
  • Thukral, Deepak; Goyal, Vikram (Advisor); Chakraborty, Tanmoy (Advisor) (IIIT-Delhi, 2018-04-18)
    Automatic estimation of relative difficulty of a pair of questions is an important and challenging problem in community question answering (CQA) services. There are limited studies which addressed this problem. Past studies ...
  • Pandey, Adesh; Thukral, Deepak; Gupta, Rishabh; Goyal, Vikram (Advisor); Chakraborty, Tanmoy (Advisor) (IIIT-Delhi, 2017-11-16)
    Given a question on a crowd sourced Q&A platform, we tried to gauge the difficulty of the question. Earlier, we tried various NLP based techniques for this purpose. Now, we tried various graph models in order to model ...
  • Aggarwal, Akash; Goyal, Vikram (Advisor) (IIIT-Delhi, 2018-04-18)
    The goal is to study accessibility of web pages, specially those who have visual disabilities and finds it difficult to perceive, navigate and interact with the web. Most websites have some sort of accessibility barrier ...

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