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  • Malhotra, Sambhav; Hashmi, Mohammad S. (Advisor); Biswas, Sanat (Advisor); Saurabh, Sneh (Advisor) (IIITD-Delhi, 2018-11-18)
    A 16-bit Chipless RFID tags have been proposed in this report. The design will be fabricated on a Rogers RT 5880 board with a dielectric constant of 2.2 and a loss tangent of 0.0009. The tag is based on the concept of ...
  • Agarwal, Nimish; Saurabh, Sneh (Advisor) (IIIT-Delhi, 2019-07)
    In this thesis, a dopingless 1T DRAM with a high retention time is proposed. The high retention time is achieved by suppressing the diffusion current in the device which is responsible for degrading the “0” state. In the ...
  • Bhatia, Ishan; Saurabh, Sneh (Advisor) (IIIT-Delhi, 2019-07)
    Probabilistic Spin Logic (PSL) is a fascinating computing model composed of fundamental stochastic units called probabilistic bits (p-bits). A p-bit can be realized using low-barrier nanomagnets. It can be combined to ...
  • Kapur, Shagun; Gupta, Varshita; Saurabh, Sneh (Advisor); Grover, Anuj (Advisor) (IIITD-Delhi, 2019-04-25)
    There are several types of electronic memory employed across the globe for a huge variety of applications. These include fast, volatile technologies such as SRAM and DRAM, and slower, non-volatile technologies such as NAND ...
  • Banerjee, Saptak; Saurabh, Sneh (Advisor) (IIIT-Delhi, 2018-07)
    In this thesis, a single Double-Gate Tunnel Field-Effect Transistor (DGTFET) is proposed to realize the AND functionality. Using two-dimensional device simulations, it is shown that a single DGTFET can realize logic ...

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