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  • Jain, Nalish; Gupta, Anubha (Advisor) (IIIT-Delhi, 2023-11-29)
    In this research, we attempt to create a state-of-the-art model for the classification of the PTBXL dataset and improve upon already established metrics. Firstly, we use the previous best model, ST-CNN-GAP-5 and introduce ...
  • Gupta, Arsh; Makkar, Kshitij; Bagler, Ganesh (Advisor) (IIIT-Delhi, 2023-11-29)
    With growing diversity in personal food preference and regional cuisine style, personalized information systems that can transform a recipe into any selected regional cuisine style that a user might prefer would help food ...
  • Mishra, Dhruv; Bajaj, Kshitij; Chatterjee, Bapi (Advisor) (IIIT-Delhi, 2023-11-29)
    Counting Bloom filters are highly space-efficient with a small probability of false positives. Concurrent access to a Counting bloom filter can greatly increase its insertion and query throughput.
  • Mittal, Shefali; Prince, Deepak (Advisor) (IIIT-Delhi, 2023-09-23)
    The unavoidable aspects of loss and grief are explored in this study project, which acknowledges their significant influence on shared experiences within communities, societal dynamics, and mental health. The project intends ...
  • Gupta, Pavitra; Agrawal, Rahul; Bansal, Rahul; Bagler, Ganesh (Advisor) (IIIT-Delhi, 2023-10-28)

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